There is a Place for Us, 2020

Special Edition Hand Bound Book

There is a place for us takes an intimate look at the relationship between physical space, identity and belonging in constructing narratives around homeland. The works portray personal narratives, familial journeys and an ever-shifting understanding of home.

The impact of migration in shaping identity and notions of belonging form the underlying throughline of these works. Interwoven, the imagery of landscapes, portraits and objects in these photographs become simultaneous agents existing inside and outside the respective  histories and cultures of each artist, evoking both intimacy and a sense of disconnect.

The text from this series are snippets of conversations and interviews with Alexandra and Farihah’s parents.


i. Before I came to Canada, I thought, because I watched the news, the movies, that I’d be free...that this country is beautiful.

But they made everything up.

ii. I never talked about this because I don’t want to ruin your thoughts.

iiii. The more you know, the more despair you feel.

iv. You come here and you just hope.

v. Everything depends on the colour of your skin.

You remember that.

vi. You navigate through the difficult

i. Guyana is the land of many waters & diverse bodies.

Complicated narratives flow downstream from the West Coast Demerara to the East Bank.

ii. They asked me to take an ESL test during my first year at university in Alberta. I wrote a letter to admin stating English is my mother tongue.

iii. I have never been here before yet there is a strong sense of familiarity about this space.

This is my grandmother’s home, my mother’s home, my home.